Why Microsoft Allows Use Pirated Windows [MUST READ]

If you think you are so smart and no one will know you using pirated windows, then you are in wrong thinking. The Moment when you connect your computer with the internet, Microsoft easily catch you and easily detect you using pirated or license version.

Officially Windows 10 price is 8 to 9 thousand rupees but in our market, people sell CDs in just Rs. 300. So Why Microsoft Allows Use Pirated Windows?

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Why Microsoft Allows Use Pirated Windows?

If Microsoft wants to stop all pirated windows, then it can but Microsoft doesn’t do that. Because of in school and colleges all students are learning computer or work with Windows operating system only. And Almost we have learned windows by ourselves. Microsoft takes advantage of this.

Microsoft wants user addicted to windows only because if any user of windows changes environment like, go into the companies then user demand only for windows and companies not use pirated windows so here companies need to buy license and bill gates makes money.

So, the mindset of Bill Gates or Microsoft is that the first user will be addicted to windows or first easily learn windows then if the user goes in any companies and environment where licensed or commercial Windows is used then Microsoft easily make money from here.

No company would want that their products be used for free. But as of now, Microsoft doesn’t care about piracy in developing counties like India and China. And this what Bill Gates had to say about this.

Although about 3 million computers get sold every year in China, people don’t pay for the software. Someday they will, though, And as long as they’re going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.

Think if you already learn windows then why need to learn or use another os right. so the user will be demanded windows because he/she already know windows. Because Windows os is easy, user-friendly, and Microsoft allow to use for free right. And then Microsoft takes advantage and make good money.

There are many disadvantages to using pirated Windows. For example no tech support, vulnerability to malware and annoying pop-up alerts to activate your windows. For securities reasons, companies or individual must need to buy windows right.

If Microsoft doesn’t allow piracy then Windows os easily replaced by Linux OS and Mac OS. So, for business reasons Microsoft Allows Use Pirated Windows.
Therefore if you can’t afford License windows, you can give a try to Linux distros which are free and quite user-friendly these days.

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So, this is the strategy of Microsoft to sell their product. That’s Why Microsoft Allows Use Pirated Windows.

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