What Happens If You Don't SHUT DOWN Your COMPUTER Properly? 😵

What happens if you don’t shut down your computer properly:- Turning something off usually very easy right. Like, switch the buttons, rotate the key, and more. Sometimes we think turning computers is so complicated means sometimes frustrating right. All-time click to start and click to Shut Down button is boring. Whenever do this PC takes time to shut down but why? So, we think let’s off the PC directly by switch off the key. But it’s not the right way. When you click Shut Down Button then your PC goes through a series of steps. These steps design to protect your data.  

What happens if you don’t shut down your computer properly?  

If you Shut Down Your PC by Pulling a Cabel or by Switch the Buttons then all Unsaved data will lose. Means any application running on PC and you directly off your PC then all your data will be lost.  

Yes, there is some software also available with the Auto Save feature. But this single feature not good at all the time. You can’t depend on it.  

When you click on Shut Down Button then all Unsaved applications start to prompt and tell us to save first right. Not only this but OS also sends a message to all running software that “Now it’s time to Shut Down Buddy”.   

Sometimes software or application running in the middle stage. Means application doing the read operation or write operation or maybe modify or deleting operation. And at that time you Switch off computer directly then it might be possible that your data will corrupt.   

But What Happens If PC turn of by accident or by Main Power Off. Don’t worry about that because the modern Windows operating system uses the NTFS(New Technology File System) file system.   

NTFS - what happens if you shut down pc improperly

NTFS has a cool feature called Journaling. This system creates logs of all file changes. So, data corruption is reduced. So, if you shut down pc accidentally and when you start again then you can see Disk Check.  Another thing, When you update your operating system then it’s always prompt that “Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while”.   

But Why this message? If you turn off your computer while OS is updating then chances that next time your computer can’t able to boot the operating system. yes, buddy, there will be chances to lose your OS. So, never turn off your computer while updating okay.  

os not found - directly turn off computer

Because of this time, many registry modifications or system file modification occurs and at that time you turn off the computer then this important operation can stop so, next time whenever you start pc then you might see “Error loading operating system”.  

So, guys never turn off your pc directly and while updating - never ever turn off your pc okay. At last, this is What happens if you don’t shut down your computer properly.    If you like this information then share with your friends. Maybe your friend turns off the computer directly. so, stop them by share this article.   You may also like,