Why Web Browsers are Free? How Browsers Make Money?

Hello internet people, we are going to see the answer for the question is Why web browsers are free? How browsers make money? Both the questions are same. But I tried to give you a different perspective.

So how the browsers are making money How they managed to give us a free browser? They sat for months to design a browser and they made this browser to reach in the market Why do they want to give such browsers to us for free? Have you thought any day about this.

Why web browsers are free? How browsers make money?

Now you might think default in your mind. What that was is? They may earn with our data’s So is this is the only way or reason for them to earn money Is that is true?

So we are going to see the answer for all these questions in this post.

Ok then, Now before explaining everything, I would like to give you a basic understanding of what is a browser. If you ask me what is browser then I would say that this is a tool.

If you want to know more about the browser then you need to know about what is a search engine too. Let us assume that you are searching for something in a browser But the browser cannot able to give you everything by itself. Answer for your question may spread over various places on the internet. Combining all those answers or websites together and giving it to the browser is the work of a search engine.

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The search engine will give everything to the browser and the browser will display that. So this is the work of a browser. So if this the case then the browser will not able to get any data from you for them to earn money.

Now I will explain to you even clear about this topic. The browser will only be the viewing tool and the search engine will give you every information you want. So if the browsers are earning then what are all the ways they could earn money.

Now I am giving you firefox as an example. Firefox is keeping Google as its default search engine. For this, Google will assure Firefox that they would give a certain amount for a period of time.

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Why they are paying this for firefox? Still, Firefox has so much of an audience. They marketed firefox to so many people. Even if you are developing a browser today, regardless of the quality of a browser, if you know how to market the browser you had the chance of earning more from various search engines.

If you see there are various search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing, etc. Bing is used in Microsoft’s Edge browser. If you are having so much audience, then many search engines will come forward and offer you a certain amount to make their search engine as default one in your browser. In this way, any browser can earn money.

The second one is Firefox will ask you for donations. If you like firefox and if you are willing to donate for the browser then you can give them your donation and fill their penny bottle. This is the second way in which you or anyone can earn money through the browser.

The third one is as you think through the data. All the browsers cannot able to earn through this method. But it is possible for specific browsers. The money will not reach only to the browser. If you take Chrome as an example, the default search engine is Google. Being both the products are from the same company, the profit is going to that company only.

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Since Google has an Adsense program, the data that is fetched by Google will be manipulated by them and the ad will be targeted to the user appropriately. Why because since they are working as a network, it will be very easy for them.

This will not be possible for all the browsers. Why because they might not have any AdSense program associated with them and they won’t try to manipulate the data and made their work tedious. If they give that to the search engine, they will make it possible for everyone to earn money.

So, I hope with this you will get an understanding of how browsers are earning money.

So quickly I made you recall all the three possible ways. One way of earning money is through data manipulations. This is not possible for all the browsers. This will be possible if they are working as a network. The second way of earning money is through donations. So this is common for most of the browsers. The third way is proposing to the search engine after marketing your browser to a larger number of audiences. If they accept the proposal then they will pay a certain amount on a yearly basis.

So with this, you can earn money to my knowledge, these are the three possible ways for a browser to earn money. They are not giving their browsers for free. If we give them data, in return they are allowing us to use their browsers. So do understand that, with this only, all the browsers are running. I hope you might get a clear understanding. If you think that you learned a new thing with this post, do share this post with your friends.

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