Top 5 Awesome Web Design Trends 2021 [Updated]

Web Design Trends change the world. If you are a web designer or UI designer so you will know well how website design trends change quickly. In 2018 web designers focus on making a responsive website and illustrative based website. Let’s see what’s new web design trends 2019.

Web Design Trends 2019

1. Scrolling Stories

Scrolling stories web design is like parallax web design. In this web design, the website’s content displayed when user scrolling and content popped up or shows like a story through different visuals.   This type of web design used inService-Based or Product-Based website.   The benefit of this type of design is user must read the content of the website because of cool animation and users curiosity. So, this web design trend also popular now a day.

web design trends

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2. Interactive Videos 

Interactive web design trends were popular in 2018. But in 2019 web design trends, web designers add interactions in videos.    See here, with mouse interaction, the video also change according to motion.   It’s also good web design for a product based company’s website.

web design trends 2019

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3. Broken Grid Design

When web designers design a website in photoshop they design web pages according to grids. And then when web designers write code for design pages in HTML they use the grid system of the Bootstrap framework.    But in 2019, Broken Grid Web Desing Trend become popular. Basically, this website has horizontal and verticle line to align layouts element properly but not follow a grid line or grid pattern.   This also a new web design trend in 2019. You should definitely use this web design in your project. 

top web design trends 2018

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4. Serif Fonts

Normally web designers use Sans-Serif fonts for website designs. Now, most of the brands prefer to use serif fonts for their website. Because of readability of this font is so clear. Heading and other decorative typography looks so clean.   So, now a day this font play a major role in web design.

best web design trends for 2019

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5. Natural Shapes

In most of the website, you can see circular or triangular shapes and other shapes too. But in new trends, the use of customized design will increase in 2019.   Like, natural shapes like, clouds, water ponds or shapes like eggs. This type of shapes looks gives a new look to the website.

web design trends for 2019

Visit this website: So, friends web designing is a field where designing and technology trends are changed too fast. So as a web designer, you should know about new web design trends and try these designs in your upcoming projects.

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