Top Programming languages used by Ethical Hackers

Top Programming languages used by Ethical Hackers: Every day lots of websites are hacked by hackers and owners pay for it. Every company hires hackers for the security purpose right because of saving the user data. So, now hacking is popular in the IT or Computer field. And as a career, hacking is also on-demand. There are lots of top programming languages used by ethical hackers.

Hacking not click the button and hack the google right😂. To become an amazing hacker you should learn a programming language. The fundamental to learn ethical hacking is to learn a various programming language and expert in coding skills. You should proper grasp on a different programming language.

Well, here are some language listed to learn ethical hacking. This article for educational purposes. You must know this language for your security.

Top Programming languages used by Ethical Hackers


html language for ethical hacking, Top Programming languages used by Ethical Hackers

HTML is easiest and widely used to design the website. On the internet, every website use this language right.

I know this is not a programming language but if you want to become an awesome hacker then you need to learn HTML for understanding the various tags, structure, web actions, and more.

You can easily understand the structure, tags, and more by inspecting the element in the browser. But many websites disable this function by a few scripts but as sometimes its easy to brack this barrier 😉.

We know password and email are encrypted but HTML is sometimes useful for ethical hacking.

 2. JavaScript

javascript, best programming language for ethical hacking

Javascript is a widely-used programming language for web designing and development. If you want to become a cool hacker then take the javascript seriously.

Javascript help hackers to understand the client-side mechanism and actions. The main advantage to use Js is a hacker can explore both the back-end and front-end of the web application. So if you want to become an ethical hacker then learn JavaScript.

3. Python

important programming language for ethical hacking

Python is also the most popular and widely used programming language. If you want to be a hacker then python is best. Python is very easy to learn, using a few codes you can able to make a good program.

Python has some feature and this feature are useful for hacking. Mainly python has tons of library and you can easily use them. Most Hackers choose Python as a Primary language because Python is easy and reliable.

4. PHP

PHP, Important Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking

Why we forget the PHP because it essential for ethical hacking. It is server-side programming so a user can’t the code. Every code executes in the server.

All server-side operation like handle database, or run particular operation done by PHP. Well, as a hacker if you want to gain access to the server-side then you must learn PHP because 80% website on the internet uses PHP language. You can be done this goal using PHP. Learning PHP is a must for every beginner hacker for hacking and penetration test.

5. Java

Java, top programming languages used by ethical hackers

I always say that “Java is everywhere”, so Java is also used in Hacking. Every ethical hacker prefers java because Java is robust, reliable, flexible.

The main advantage is to use this language is that code “write once and run anywhere”. This advantage breaks all barriers and security. This flexibility use by hackers.

Another solid reason is Java mostly used in a mobile application. So some hackers hack mobile applications using Java and create the mod Apps and more.

6. SQL 

Sql for ethical hacking

Structure Query Language (SQL) is the most popular database programming. It is useful for storing, retrieving, updating, and deleting the user data. Every password, username, or important data store in a database.

SQL motivate ethical hackers to steal the data. Some operations are only done by the SQL query. Most common operation SQL Injection very popular to gain access to the data or database. Malicious code is placed in SQL statements, via web inputs.

Every beginner must learn this programming language with a server-side language like PHP. So you can easily understand how the operation works with a database.

7. C/C++

c and c++, important programming language for ethical hackers

There are lots of solid reasons to use C and C++ programming language for hacking. Many colleges teach these languages first. These languages are mostly used in various platforms so as a hacker, it will help you to get access to various platforms.

This language has a powerful concept like a goto statement and pointer concept. This concept also helps the hacker to crack the system or program.

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8. Ruby

ruby, ethical programming language for beginners

Ruby programming language vastly used by hackers for hacking. This particular programming language is influenced by Lisp, Perl, Ada, Eiffel. Hacker uses Ruby to make a powerful script to crack the mechanism. There are several similarities between Python and Ruby. One of them is both languages are easy to understand and use.  So, its easy syntax and easy style make more useful for a hacker.

Okay! These are the most top programming languages use by ethical hackers. I hope you learn it well and secure your website or mobile application.

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