Top 10 Programming Languages for High Paying Jobs in 2019

The most famous and awesome skill is now in the world is computer programming skills. Computer programming is now on-demand and you might interest in learning programming. So, you can also search on the Internet about the best programming language, top programming language or what programming language best for the job right. So, this article helps you to choose which programming language best in 2019.

1. Python

top programming language in 2019

Python programming language undoubtedly top of the list. Now python is a most growing programming language and you’ll find it in a web application, network servers, IOT, machine learning and more.

Python provides great starting points for beginners. It’s fast, easy to use and easy to learn a programming language. It has a popular framework like Django, flask, Turbo Gear and more.

Talking about who want to get a better job, you should definitely learn python ASAP. Python is widely using programming language so job opportunities are also more.

Here a simple Hello World Program in Python.

print “Hello World!"

2. Java

best programming language to learn in 2019 for job

Java is the most widely used programming language. It’s because of Android may be right. But its most popular in web development, serverside programming and yes in Android for App development and more.

There is the most popular quote for java is ”write once run everywhere”  right. This makes Java awesome. Java is a secure, reliable, robust and flexible programming language.

Java is a little bit harder (almost not harder)  to learn. But if you learn step by step then it’s easy.

As for job Java Developers are also on demand because of App Development. Now billions of devices running on android os so we need more App developers to develop mobile apps. So, there are lots of job opportunities for an app developer.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript best scripting language

JavaScript is not a Java okay. JavaScript is the scripting language to design interactive web application. For example, to click the button and open popup. It’s done by JavaScript.

JavaScript is the most popular language. Here you can see the survey of StackOverflow of 2018.

most famous programming language

JavaScript is widely using language. It’s mostly used for front-end development and now also used for the back-end. As for the cool Job, you should seriously consider learning JavaScript.

4. Swift

top 10 programming language in 2019

If you want to develop IOS Apps for iPhones then you must learn the Swift programming language. IOS devices are also increasing in the world. Swift is a new programming language released in 2014. You can consider Swift as a High career path.

Swift is Apple’s new language for programming native IOS and Mac-OS Application. Now a day app development is on demand so you should learn Swift programming language.

5. Go Programming Language

best language in 2019

Go language also known as Golang. It’s minimal language to python. Since it is developed by Google. This language favorite for python lovers. Go language provide excellent support of multithreading.

Go programming language is simple like python. You can easily learn and code. For who want to get a job at Google then try this language.

Go language mostly used in startups in silicon valley. Those who want to job in Valley-based startup then the first master on Go programming language.

6. PHP

most famous programming language

PHP is widely used for backend development. PHP facing tough competition with Python and JavaScript but Still need the PHP developer in the market. On the Internet, 80% of the website is using PHP. You know the Facebook right, it’s developed in PHP.

Almost famous CMS like WordPress uses PHP for website development or blogging etc. PHP is an easy language for server-side programming with the database.

For who want to get a job as a back-end development then must learn PHP Language. It’s a cool language.

7. Kotlin

programming language in 2019

Kotlin is also mostly using for Android App development. In 2017 Google announced that Kotlin is an official language for Android development.

Kotlin is fully inter-operable with Java programming language. It is originally developed by JetBrains and it has existing Java libraries and frameworks for the app development.

So, if you like to develop an Android app then must learn Kotlin for job opportunities.

8. C++

best programming language for get job

Yes, C++ is old but now still it is Gold. Due to high preformation, reliable and secure, it still used in a famous product. Microsoft Windows and Chrome Browser best example, that written in C++ programming language.

As a career with C++ includes Desktop application, Game development. C++ especially used for3D graphics for a game to real-time maths solutions.

9. R language 

top best programming language for future and job

R programming language is famous in a program for Machine learning and Data Analysis. R programming has powerful built-in libraries and framework to write awesome algorithms for machine learning.

Those who want to make a career on Machine learning then this programming language is for you.

10. Rust

rust programming language for job

If you never heard about Rust then Rust is a new system-level programming language. It is originally developed by Mozilla Foundation. Rust programming language operates as a low-level language. Purpose of developed this language to avoid dangling pointers, buffer overflows and other kinds of errors.

As a career it’s quite possible in few years Rust will be in high demand.

So, these are the top programming language in 2019 and it might help you to get a job in the best companies.

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