Top Programming Languages For Backend Web Development

how to become backend developer

What is the Backend programming language?

We already discussed front-end programming language for designing awesome website right? But we need an extra feature on our website like store user data, images, etc. So today we talk about backend programming language so you can make awesome projects.

Following language are best for starting backend programming.

Top Programming Languages For Backend Web Development


PHP is the easy language for who starts programming as backend development. It really an easy language, many backend developers use this language most. Almost 75% of websites are in PHP uses PHP. Even facebook made with PHP.

PHP has lots of framework like Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, Zend and more.

PHP is also compatible with the CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress right. Wordpress uses PHP language for its theme, plugins, etc.


Again Java is everywhere right? So programmers can use Java as a backend website development. Java uses in web development, because of their security feature. Java servlet use for backend programming. JSP is also useful.

Java has a number of a framework like Struts, Spring and more.

Java is multipurpose programming language so if you never learn it. It's never worth it for you.


Python is an alternative to Java. Python is the easiest language in the universe. It is also a multi-purpose programming language. If you learn python then you do not need to learn another language (but Java is important). Most server-side programmers use Python rather than PHP.

Django is the most popular framework for backend development. Other Python Flask, CherryPy, etc are a useful framework. It is robust and capable of doing every backend operation.

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