iPhone VS. Android Smartphone: Which is better for gaming?

The timeline of the rising of mobile gaming is barely a decade. In this short period mobile gaming has headway from pixelated graphics to HD graphics. In particular, gaming in smartphones takes it so far.

When I write the line, a question comes to mind. You got it right, that is a universal question among mobile gamers.

IPhone and Android Phone which is better for gaming? There is no solid answer for this question. It is totally up to the gamer’s perspective.

Though there are several aspects that help you to determine a platform in which you can play any game better than the other.

So, without any bottle errand let’s try to solve this omnipresent debate. 

Android or iPhone Gaming: let’s solve the Riddle

The two giant’s iOs and Android capture 95% share of the Mobile OS market. So, it is obvious there is always an intention in both users to prove themselves best in every aspect. It makes no difference in gaming.

Both Android and iPhone users are claiming their specific supremacy in gaming. But the truth is, neither OS is inherently superior to the other or neither of them gets the higher rank. 

On one hand, there are some advantages with both systems while gaming and some drawbacks are also available between them. 

These pros and cons from both OS are determined from scaling performance of several aspects.

Here is the list of those aspects:

  • Game Availability
  • Performance
  • Storage & Battery Backup
  • Price

Game Availability

Millions of games are available in both App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Google). In exact math, about 25% of total apps of these two virtual apps stores are games. From a simple 2D endless running game to high end 3rd person shooting games everything is available at this store.

But one advantage iPhone users always get is that games are releasing soon on iOS Platform. Many times, iPhone users get a game more than one month ago. Wow, maybe my iPhone user friends think that is Apple supremacy. 

Actually not, the legit reason behind this advance release is Apple’s lesser OS versions. Apple has few OS versions and two types of devices to release a game. 

On the other hand, Android has countless. One of my game developer friends informed me that Android has more than 18000 firms to develop a game. So it becomes a lengthy process for developers to develop a game for Android.

Opps, I forgot one more issue. It’s financial. Apple users comparatively spend more cash on ‘in game purchase’ and other paid services than Android users. It may influence the developers to release a game on the iOS platform. 


Maybe Android users get the desired game quite late. But the ultimate upshot is how the game performs on your device. The performance depends on a bunch of elements. 

It’s a combination of CPU, GPU, RAM and OS. If all the elements can give a higher data transfer rate than the game runs smoothly. You will find these kinds of performances only in flagships.

First, let’s explore iOS first. As we all know, Apple only produces premium quality flagship phones. Most of the recent  Apple’s iPhone contains Apple’s Flagship A series CPU and GPU. Like A15 chipset used in iPhone 13 series, and iPhone 14 Pro lineup blessed with the upgraded A16 Bionic. So, you can Visualize the performance level of an iPhone.

Don’t need to imagine, why do we not count the performance rate? Actually, I did it before starting to write the post on Antutu BenchMark Meter.

Here is the Performance rate of iPhone 13 Pro Max854218 is the overall performance rate(96%). At this rate you can play every game so smoothly.

Back to Android phones, unless iPhone android doesn’t only release flagship phones. There are all kinds of Android based phones. Like entry level to expensive flagships. Even Android has a specific series of Flagship gaming phones. 

As we compare Android with iPhone, we only check out the performance of Android Flagships. More specifically, those phones that contain high end chipset like the Snapdragon 8Gen with latest Adreno GPU.

I picked two flagships to measure the performance rate. One from Samsung (Galaxy S22 Ultra) and another latest gaming flagship ( Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro)

  • Antutu Benchmark Score:
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra: 897,556
  • ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro: 10,45,674

Wow both phones surpass iPhone’s score. I mean android users may be happy. But not all, some Androids’ Antutu benchmark scores are too low to compare with the iPhone.

At this point, Androint gets the advantage with their top flagships.

Storage & Battery Backup

Big games need big storage,i mean some games need 4-5 GB of storage for install only. In recent phones storage has never been an issue. 

Even now phones contain a huge amount of built in space.  I mean my current phone has 1TB of internal storage rather my laptop holds only 256 GB M.2 SSD.

In this particular aspect, both iOS and Android remain the same. Both platforms’ phones contain a huge amount of storage that you can install high end HD games easily and play them so comfortably. 

When it comes to battery backups, both phones remain the same. I mean both iPhone and Android flagships has a great battery backup and luckily they are charged with real fast chargers with a flashy speed.

One thing is pretty noticeable here, I only compare the iPhone with flagship Android Phones. Sorry, Entry and mid-level users. 


When it comes to price. Android always remains a step front from Apple. Don’t get me wrong Android users. I write this from a user perspective. 

iPhone is always expensive. If we compare the price range with Android, Android phones are pretty much affordable, even the flagship ones. 

And those who can’t afford a flagship don’t get so upset. The mid-level phones from several Android manufacturers offer you flagship performance sometimes. You can play HD games like PUBG, Fortnite, COD mobile quite comfortably without any shortcomings.

Even if you don’t have a pocket full of cash, Android doesn’t dishearten you. Go buy a mid-range android phone and play your favorite game.

Does the riddle resolve?

The final moment comes at last. I know both Android and iPhone users eagerly wait for the moment to see which platform I declare as a winner. 

Literally, one is the winner. Eventually there is actually no chance to create any debate in between these two platforms.  Because the gaming Experience on both platforms flagships are almost the same. 

If iPhone users get the advantages of getting an early release game then android users have a chance to play their chosen game in a mid-budget phone.

Actually, it depends on the user’s solace. They are the decider of their own comfort zone. Some users are super comfortable gaming on their iPhone. Some feel so proud of their flagship android gaming experience.


iPhone or Android- which is better for gaming. In my opinion both OS have some advantages and drawbacks while gaming. But booths serve the best to satisfy the users.

Through this post, I try to write about the Pros and Cons of both platforms. Hope you read the post thoroughly and understand that it depends on the user’s perspective. Nothing more than that. 

One more thing, never forget to give your valuable opinion on this post through comments.

Guest post by Maria Barrett