More people now use iPhones than Android phones in the US

Many consider the iPhone series the main genuine opponent to the best Android phones, and interestingly, Android has lost a major title in the US market.

Data revealed that precisely 50% of all the cell phones being used in the US are iPhones now.

Apple achieved its most noteworthy at any point piece of the pie of the cell phone space in the US in June this year.

The research firm says the scales step by step tipped in support of Apple over the most recent four years, and a comparable change could now continue in other wealthy nations.

Samsung is the most famous Android smartphone manufacturer in the US. In any case, assuming the researchers are to be accepted, it and other Android OEMs need to up their game.

Sales recorded in North America during the second quarter of the current year show Google’s Pixel line experienced good growth in the smartphone space.

Still, the same data also reveals the top 5 selling smartphones by volume were all iPhone models.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Apple as it prepares to launch the iPhone 14 series later this week.