How to become Full Stack Developer

How to become a full-stack developer - now a day full-stack developers are on demand.  Full Stack development is now necessary because every IT company hires first who is the full stack developer.

But Why Full stack developer on demand?

Because of companies like Facebook and others says in Oscon Conference, “We like to hire Full Stack developer-first”. That’s why full-stack developers are on demand.

If you want to become full stack developer then following responsibility and requirement need to know. Then let’s understand step by step what requirement and what knowledge necessary to become a full stack developer.

First, what is Front end developer and what is Back end developer?

In short, Front end developers work for user interaction. They develop a browser side. Simply, if you see this website then this the front end side of the website.

Back end developer work with databases and databases relation. Back end developer interacts with database call server side.

How to become Full Stack Developer

Now, talk about Full Stack Developer, they do not need an expert in Front end development and Back end development. They just need to know about how they both work and how the front side and back side interconnected with each other. Just this knowledge makes you a full stack developer.

What technologies you should know to become a Full Stack Developer?


1.1 Semantic HTML

HTML is a fundamental building block for a website developer. It a basic ingredient for become a Full Stack developer. If you just know semantic HTML where you know how to use HTML and where HTML tags use then it’s done your work.

1.2 CSS 3, Preprocessors Responsive design

With the HTML, you must know about CSS and CSS3. And knowledge about CSS Preprocessors like Sass, Less. You need to know how to define variable, nesting, mixins, extends media queries and more.

In addition, you must know about how you design a responsive design with CSS. Another requirement to know how you use media queries for different devices for responsiveness for a website.

1.3 Frameworks

Like Bootstrap, this is the ready-made HTML and CSS  Framework. This framework has lots of CSS and JavaScript plugin so you must know how to develop a website using framework.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is the heart of every web application. If you know the JavaScript then as Full Stack developer you need some advance knowledge about JavaScript. Knowledge about DOM (Data Object Mode), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Asynchronous programming skills- defining “callbacks” “promises” mechanism.

So, JavaScript has the main roll in full stack development plus you know about various Frameworks like Angular JS, React JS, jQuery etc.

Above we talked about Front end development, let’s talk about back end development.

3. Database Programming

Database Programming also on demanding and here SQL is more important. As full stack developer you need know how Java programming works, how Node Js works, what is the role of PHP in development and more.

Here also some ready-made framework is available like python Django, python Flask, Ruby etc. You also know how you use this framework. How they work with database and authentication, you must know about it.

4. Database and Web Storage

Means relational database. How one database connects/contact with other database, benefits of a database - every full stack developer need this knowledge.

Another thing is how web storage works, and how in-memory web storage like redis how to use this, how session store, how cookies use these type of knowledge you need as a full stack developer.

5. HTTP & Rest API

A developer must know about how to send HTTP request, work in rest API, how a client communicates with a server. Another what security use like SSL(Secure socket layer) and how persistent connection between client and server through the socket for the best result.

6. Web Application Architecture

How the whole process in for web application. Full stack developer also responsible for where store website code, where they host the website, how to handle various media like videos, image, audio, file etc., what the structure used, how clear the particular complete the task, how secure these all files. So, the architecture of any web application is also necessary.

Some, services like Heruko, Amazon web services, you must know how to use these services.

7. Algorithm Analysis

Google ask more question about the algorithm in their interviews and most of the time they hire computer science student that have knowledge about an algorithm. But these not necessary just you need to know how a pattern of data structure, analysis, memory allocation, how you follow Big-O analysis.

So the final, you need the understanding of front end development + understanding of back end development + experience of both = become an awesome back end developer.