Get Current Weather of Any City in Python | Weather App in Python

We made a weather app in vanilla JavaScript. Today we build a weather app in python. In this script, you will get the current weather information of any city.

We use openweathermap to get weather data. openweathermap is a service that provides weather data, including current weather data, forecasts, and historical data to the developers of web services and mobile applications.

Just sign-up yourself in openweathermap and create an account then go to this page: Then generate a key

Now code.


import requests

# paste your api key here
api_key = "PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY"

# getting city name from user
city = input("Enter city name: ")

we appending the city variable and api_key variable to complete the url. for example city name is Mumbai  then url looks like
data = requests.get(

# uncomment the following line and run it so you can get the data in json format
# print(data.json())

# getting the data
print(f"Location: {data.json().get('name')}, {data.json().get('sys').get('country')}")
print(f"Temperature: {data.json().get('main')['temp']}°C")
print(f"Weather: {data.json().get('weather')[0].get('main')}")
    f"Min/Max Temperature: {data.json().get('main')['temp_min']}°C/{data.json().get('main')['temp_max']}°C"
print(f"Humidity: {data.json().get('main')['humidity']}%")
print(f"Wind: {data.json().get('wind')['speed']} km/h")

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weather app in python, Find current weather of any city using OpenWeathermap API in Python

Hope you like it this simple weather app in python. Share it with your friends.

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