FLAMES Game in Python - Check Your Relationship 😍

FLAMES! These six letters were highly popular among 90s kids. This funny game is played by almost every 90s kid in their school. A game to know their relationship with their crush.


Here is how the flames game is played.

  1. Write your name and the name of your loved one.

  2. cross the common letters shared by both names.

  3. Count the remaining letters. Call it n.

  4. Write down the word flames and move through the letters until the count reaches the total number of n.

  5. Whichever letter you get will provide you answer to your relationship.


def Flames(name1,name2):
    namestr = name1 + name2

    for c in namestr:
        if namestr.count(c) != 1:
            # counting common letters
            namestr = namestr.replace(c,"")

    # The common letters are replaced by blankspace therefore namestr has only remaining letters

    print("F = Friend \nL = Love \nA = Affection \nM = Marriage \nE = Enemy \nS = Siblings \n\n")

    number = len(namestr) % 6
    # number to move through FLAMES
    rel = ""

    if number == 1:
        rel += "Friends"
    elif number == 2:
        rel += "Love"
    elif number == 3:
        rel += "Affection"
    elif number == 4:
        rel += "Marriage"
    elif number == 5:
        rel += "Enemy"
    elif number == 0:
        rel += "Siblings"

    return rel

n1 = input("Enter your name : ").upper()
n2 = input("Enter name of your crush : ").upper()
print(f"Your Relationship is : {Flames(n1,n2)}")


FLAMES Game in Python

Try this FLAMES Game in Python and check your relationship with your crush like Nobita ;-)

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