5 Best Free Apps to Learn Programming

Best Free Apps to Learn Programming: According to a survey a person spends an average time of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones. It is better to utilize that time with something useful.

There are many apps available on play store in which you can learn programming or coding on mobile for free. Here is a list of best free apps to learn programming.

1. Encode

encode, best free apps to learn programming

Using Encode app you can learn to code in JavaScript, Python, and also web development like HTML and CSS.

It provides knowledge of tags along with styling using CSS. You can learn data types, control structures, functions, and more in JavaScript.

In python, it provides knowledge of fundamentals until the introduction of object-oriented programming using python.

This application is free but you can enable more coding exercises using pro version.

[appbox googleplay com.upskew.encode screenshots]

Download this app and learn programming.

2. Enki

enki, free apps to learn programming

An application to learn multiple programming languages and technologies in one place. It has Python, SQL, Git, JavaScript, Java, React, Linux, and many more available skills to learn.

This application teaches you every point with practical examples. You can complete various missions and challenges daily.

There is an option to create a team. You can work with the existing team or create your team. It will help you to interact with other programmers.

[appbox googleplay com.enki.insights screenshots]

This another app to learn programming for free.

3. Codecademy Go

Codecademy Go, free apps to learn coding

An application to bringing together learning, practicing, and practicality via articles in one place.

You can learn Web Development, Data Science, Computer Science, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, SQL, and many more.

If you are a fan of social media, you will find this app interesting. You can maintain streaks by practicing and learning every day. So rather than wasting time with other social medias, it is better to maintain streaks here. Isn’t it?

[appbox googleplay com.ryzac.codecademygo screenshots]

Download now and learn code for free.

4. Programming Hub

programming hub, apps for learn coding

This application is the most interesting application for programmers and students. It has everything a programming lover ask for.

This application provides you various courses in different languages like Java, Python, C++, Go, Ruby, JavaScript, and many more.

Not only these but this application also provides other courses like SEO, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cloud computing, and many many more.

It also gives you a certificate for completing a course. Though it gives more benefits to pro users it also has a large number of free courses.

[appbox googleplay com.freeit.java screenshots]

Download now and learn to code.

5. SoloLearn

solo learn, free apps to learn coding, free apps to learn programming

A mobile learning platform that offers in 13 different programming languages. The most popular app among all mobile learning apps and has the largest collection of free code from basic to pro.

A user-friendly application with a lot of interesting features like daily challenges, discussions along with a user feed that provides social media feel. Maintain a good profile by completing daily goals and participating in discussions.

You can write, run, and share real code right from your mobile, without any additional installations and setups.

Apart from this app SoloLearn has other apps for various languages. Like,

  • Learn HTML
  • Learn Python
  • Learn C++
  • Learn Java
  • Learn SQL
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn C#
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn PHP
  • Learn Ruby
  • Learn Programming With Swift
  • Learn jQuery

[appbox googleplay com.sololearn screenshots]

Download and learn programming for free.


So, these are the best free apps to learn programming on your mobile. There are other apps available too in the play stores and app store and you can also use that. These apps are very useful for beginners as well as for intermediate and expert. So, must download and try these free apps to learn coding for free. Share this with your friends.

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