25 Bad Programming Habits You Should Quit as a Programmer

Every programmer has a dream to become the best programmer. Here are the 25 Bad Programming Habits every programmer often make. Mistakes you should avoid to be the best programmer.

1. You can’t focus on one language

To be a good programmer, you should master a language. A language about which you know everything. 

Instead of learning different languages, one should focus on mastering one language.

If you can’t find one language you should focus on get help from here : https://www.codesnail.com/best-programming-languages-to-learn/

2. You don’t have fundamentals clear

To master a language you should have all the fundamentals clear. To become a good programmer, you should know about every little aspect of that language.

If you don’t have fundamentals clear, you can’t learn new concepts.

Here are some fundamentals : https://www.codesnail.com/programming-terminology-for-beginners/

3. You think you know everything

It is good to be confident in life. But in programming, it is better to keep checking on the code you are working on.

Knowing everything is okay. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t make any mistakes. When you are dealing with a big project, it may possible that there is a little syntax error. Being overconfident on what you know will lead you to make little mistakes.

4. You don’t utilize the resources

From accessing massive amounts of information on the internet to connect people in the different locations technology made our lives easier. If we compare searching for solutions to any problem then and now, nowadays the internet made that thing very easy for us.

We can find anything from Google. There are many websites available that provide a solution for programming related questions.

A programmer should know how to use Google efficiently. Here are some websites that help you with programming :

5. You ignore errors

In order to develop good programs you should always be considerate about the errors.

Errors occur in every language. It helps to figure out what went wrong, why it happened, and how to deal with the problem. It will also help you to deal with the same type of errors in the future. 

6. You don’t know how to optimize the code

Code optimization is any method of code modification to improve code efficiency and quality. Writing various lines of code is not just enough to create a good product.

There are situations where performance is an issue. You can solve this performance issue by code optimization.

You can optimize your code by doing following steps :

  • Apply appropriate algorithm
  • Reduce useless  I/O operations
  • Use user-defined functions
  • Eliminating inefficient database operations

7. You refuse to ask for help

Not every time you can solve all the problems by yourself. The best programmer knows when to ask for help.

While working in team projects, asking help from your team members will help you in interacting with them. You will able to know the abilities of your team members. 

8. You freeze under pressure

As an employee sometimes you can’t complete the projects on time. The pressure to complete work before the deadline is quite stressful.

There might be a situation when your developed software has errors and bugs after implementation. Or when you make a little change in your software that makes software not working. That situation can cause a lot of pressure.

A good programmer knows how to deal with the pressure.

9. You don’t write enough comments

Writing comments is a habit of a good programmer. Writing enough comments is very helpful for the developers who see your code in the future.

On the other side writing comments on every single line makes your code quite complex. So it is important to put enough comments in the code.

10. You can’t accept new technologies

In the technology field, it is important to get in touch with innovations and technologies. A programmer should aware of new language or technology coming into the market.

The world now days is full of innovations. It’s good to be up to date with everything happening around us.

11. You copy code from online

People who just started programming usually copy code, pastes, and run that. They don’t develop logic by themselves to solve problems.

To be a good programmer it is necessary to develop your logic to solve various problems. You can copy the code for one problem but you may face different problems every time.

12. You don’t plan before implementing

Planning is the basic need of doing anything. Planning makes you clear about what you want to do and how you will implement it.

For programming, it is better to write an algorithm before implementing the program. It will make you clear about your idea of the problem.

13. You count hours

It is very important to be passionate about what you do. The programmers always enjoy the time they spend while coding.  When you are passionate about coding you can’t get hold of how much time you’ve spent in doing so.

To be a good programmer one must not count hours they’ve spent in coding because programming skill is not only just about the time you spend on coding but it is about how much you utilize your time in problem-solving.

14. You over engineer simple problems

Usually, problems have simple solutions. Working more and more on the simple solution will make it more advanced as well as complex.

A good programmer knows how to find effective as well as an efficient solution for simple problems rather than making it complex.

15. You ignore suggestion of others

The best way to grow as a good programmer is to improve yourself from the mistakes made in the past.

Sometimes programmers ignore the suggestion of fellow team members because of pride that they know everything.

Normally, every person has a different point of view for everything. It is good to take suggestions and reviews from others and implement them in the future.

16. You don’t practice much

Doing something once doesn’t mean that you know everything about that topic. To be good at anything you should keep practicing.


And to be a good programmer you must keep practicing.

17. You give up too soon

It is normal to fed up by doing the same thing again and again. Sometimes when you try to solve problems in the code, it might take a long time to solve.

Trying to solve the same problem is quite tiring. But it may possible that you are too near to solve the problem. So one should keep trying and never give up.

18. You don’t use social media

Having a social media account now days is very useful in upgrading your work.

There are also many official accounts of big companies present on the social media platform. They discuss various trends and viewpoints in the programming world. The creators there are quite active and helpful.

Using social media wisely will not only educate you but also inspire you and will connect you to the programming world.

19. You don’t interact with programming community

There are programming communities all over the world. It is good to interact and share your ideas with other programmers.

You can have a meet up for your local city programming community. You can also connect to them using social media.

20. You don’t keep project manager updated

The project manager generally has all the responsibilities of the project. It is easy to complete your work and skip to the next one.

But in case any difficulties occur in the project later, the project manager will be responsible for it. To solve many issues together may cause a headache. So it is important to keep updated your project manager with all the work you do on the regular basis.

21. You are not clear about what you’re doing

When you choose a topic to work you must stick to it till the end. If you’re not confident in what you’re doing you shouldn’t choose that in the first place.

Being clear about what you are doing is important for thinking about the further idea and will make you confident.

22. You pass blame to others

Being a good programmer also comes with the quality of being responsible for every code you write. Passing blame to others because of your mistake will degrade your value as a developer.

If there is some mistake in the code you wrote, take responsibility, find why the problem happened and try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

23. You act like boss not leader

When you are working on a project as a leader it is important to know your responsibilities. A leader is the one who cooperates with the team members and gives them proper guidance and direction.

A leader should not mix up the role of the boss and the leader.

24. you don’t like your code to be criticized

One of the best ways to grow as a good programmer is to receive reviews from the senior developers. Not every time your code works fine. sometimes you might have mistakes in your code.

The best programmers are willing to accept their mistakes in the code they have written and find out how it can be solved.

25. You don’t document solution of errors

It is good habit to document errors you’ve solved by yourself.

Not every problem’s solution is given on the internet. There may be times you encounter an error whose solution is not available on the internet. Then you must be the first in solving that problem.

In that case documentation of errors solved is useful.

For some programming Tips See : https://www.codesnail.com/how-to-improve-programming-skills/


We all want to become good programmer right? so, above are some important tips to quit bad programming habit as a programmer. I hope you like these tips. A good programmer always share their knowledge, so, share this post with your programmer friend.