Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Programming languages have been shaping our market since the beginning of the IT era. Now, this is the main reason why there are dozens of programming languages these days in the IT industry.

We have put the top best programming languages that you have to learn in the year 2020. Let’s see the list of best programming languages to learn in 2020.

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • GoLang
  • R Programming Language
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • Swift
  • PHP

Keep in the mind chronology doesn’t matter here okay except python😬

Best programming language to learn

1. Python

python, best programming language to learn in 2020

Yes, Python on top of the list. It is widely accepted as the best programming language to learn first.  

Python is an open-source, object-oriented interpreted language. Mostly used to develop graphical user interfaces and web development.   

Python mostly becomes the first choice in Machine learning, AI and IoT (Internet of Things). It provides multiple popular frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid and more. Not just that, apps such as the Google app engine are also based on the python.  

Python is an easy-to-use and general-purpose programming language. Python is easily integrated with C as well as C++. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are all built-in Python. It provides excellent library support and has a large community of python.   

With the python, you can land companies like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Paytm with an average salary of $120,000/Annum.

Difficulty Level: Easy, 5/5

Job Opportunity: Huge++, 5/5  

2. Java

java, best programming language to learn

Yes, Java. Java is one of the most popular programming languages and it is the best programming language to learn in 2020.   

Java is an open-source programming language and relatively easy to learn. This provides powerful features like strong memory management, backward compatibility, top-notch security, and high performance.  

Java is a cross-platform, programming language that serves as the base for the framework like Spring, Structs, and Hibernate.  

Java is everywhere okay. You can build web applications, software, and mainly Android apps. Almost any business today needs an Android application right. This opens a huge opportunity for java developers. And yes, Java has a large active community on the Internet.  

A number of programmers start as Java developer in the IT industry. As a Java developer, you can get $115,000/Annum or more from top-notch companies like HCL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini.

Difficulty Level: Easy, 4.3/5

Job Opportunity: Huge, 4.5/5  

3. JavaScript

javascript programming language to learn in 2020

JavaScript yes. Known for frontend development in web development. It is a feature-rich object-oriented scripting language.   

Read here: Difference between Scripting, Programming, and Markup Language.  

started as a simple client-side scripting language. Now a day major frameworks are useful for both front-end as well as backend.  

A few of the popular JavaScript-based frameworks are nodeJs, react.Js, AngularJs, Vue.Js, and Meteor and more.  

If you put JavaScript on your resume then it opens up doors of opportunity from you. From tech startups to tech giants like Google, Facebook, Dell and SAP each offering salary $112,200/Annum.Difficulty Level: Easy, 4.5/5 Job Opportunity: Huge, 5/5  

4. C/C++

c and c++, most popular programming languages

C and C++!! Seriously. Yes, dear, it is a bread and butter of programming. These two languages used to write low-level systems such as operating systems, file systems, etc. If you want to work at a system-level then you should learn this language.  

A few examples of successes in both of these languages are eBay and Spotify for C and Adobe and Oracle for C++.  

Major companies that are hiring developers for these languages are HP, Huawei, Wipro, IBM and PhonePe with an average salary of $114,000/ Annum.

Difficulty Level: Moderate, 3.5/5

Job Opportunity: Moderate, 3.5/5  

5. GoLang

golang, go, programming languages to learn, google programming language

GoLang, also known as Go, is a Google programming language. This programming language developed by Google.   

This programming language widely used in startups in Silicon Valley. It provides excellent support for multithreading in distributed systems.  

Google definitely reflects this language in its root domains such as machine learning or web development, but its highlight has to be system development, which is possible only due to GoLang scope for high scalability.  

A few solid frameworks under its belt namely. WE have Revel and Bebo for now.   Tech giants like Cisco,  Capgemini, Springboard, and Tesksystems are hiring developers for over $170,000/Annum.

Difficulty Level: Moderate, 3/5

Job Opportunity: Moderate, 3.3/5  

6. R Programming Language

r language, most popular programming languages to learn

R programming language is one of the best programming language for statistical analysis, data science, and Machine Learning.

It is not just an open-source programming language, but it comes with cross-platform compatibility.

It comes with the feature in the financial domain when it comes to building a statistical model as well as analyzing fraudulent transactions.

R provides excellent frameworks and built-in libraries to develop powerful machine learning algorithms.

Yes for R programming, R studio is available for you. If you’re skilled in R programming then you can get hired from companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google for an average salary of over $121,000/Annum.Difficulty Level: Moderate, 3/5 Job Opportunity: Huge, 4/5   

7. Kotlin

kotlin, top 10 programming languages to learn in 2020

Kotlin was one of the most trending programming languages of the year 2019. It expected to experience even more growth in the year 2020.

Kotlin is Google endorsed cross-platform general-purpose programming language. This language recently made it to the favorites of most developers when it comes to Android app development.

This language comes with features such as interoperability with Java as well as Android Studio support. Which helps you to write less code with fewer bugs.

Now, a few frameworks you use with Kotlin are Ktor, Vertx, and Spring. Why Kotlin is fairly new in the market? It can boost the community in GitHub. Companies like Airtel, Pinterest, Lenskart, and Basecamp are hiring Kotlin developers. Now the average salary for the Kotlin developer is over $120,000/Annum.

Difficulty Level: Moderate, 3.4/5

Job Opportunity: Huge, 4.5/5  

8. C#

c sharp, best programming languages to learn for 2020

C# is an Object-Oriented Programming language with a comprehensive set of libraries. This makes the execution and compilation of programs lightning-fast.

C sharp majorly used with the .Net framework is used to design web forms and windows applications.

C Sharp is one of the very popular languages. It is used in game development, especially in Xbox, virtual reality Games, and unity 3D games. DotNet and Xamarin frameworks majorly used C Sharp.

Companies such as Intellectsoft, Phillips, and Capgemini are hiring highly-skilled C-Sharp developers with an average salary of $78000/Annum.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate, 3.5/5

Job Opportunity: Moderate, 3.6/5  

9. Swift

swift, best programming languages to learn in 2020

Hey, Interested to develop IOS Apps? Then Swift is for you. This Object-Oriented Block structured programming language boasts features such as better readability speed and dynamic libraries. Due to these features, it reduces application size as well as betters performance.   Swift programming language made specifically for application development. As a matter of fact, Apple organization switch from Objective C to Swift, which also justifies its Influence on Mac OS, watch OS, and other Apple apps. Now Swift has two major Frameworks namely cocoa and cloudkit.

Tons of repositories are available in GitHub and companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Apple are readily hiring employees who are good at Swift programming at an average salary of **$125,000/Annum.**Difficulty Level: Moderate, 3.5/5
Job Opportunity: Huge! 4/5

10. PHP 

php, best programming language to learn

PHP is one of the prominent programming language. It has been around for quite a while now the world. Mostly used for developing a dynamic website. Around 80% of the website on the Internet made in PHP. 

Top 10 million social media websites have been built PHP. A few best examples are Facebook and Wikipedia.

Now, this language is very simple, fast and platform-independent with the wide repository on GitHub and a very large community on the Internet.

Now, people saying “PHP is now dead…blah… blah…“. PHP has an awesome framework such as Laraval, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP, etc. Very big industry players like oracle, HCL, and Motorola readily hiring PHP developers for an average salary of $102,000/Annum.

Difficulty Level: Easy, 4.5/5

Job Opportunity: Huge, 4.5/5

No Wonder a Python is one of the most desired programming skills for the year 2020.

These are the best programming languages to learn in 2020. I hope guys, after reading this article, you got an idea of which programming language is for you. My suggestion is to take the time to choose your particular language, which language like the most then works on that.

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