Why Choose React Native for Enterprise App Development?

The advent of technology is not looking back. With more and more technological advancements, people are imbibing technology in their daily lives. As per a  survey, the number of mobile devices will increase up to 18.22 billion. This is because of the entry and utilization of 5G in the commercial sector. 

The increasing number of mobile phone users means better e-business opportunities and to assure smooth operations, businesses need a mobile app! In the second quarter of 2022, there were 2.2 million apps on the App Store and 3.5 million apps on the Google Play Store.

Mobile application development is not complex, but choosing the right framework to build the app can be daunting for businesses. This is where React Native comes into the picture.

In this blog, you’ll be reading more about how does React Native app development aids a business to succeed without launching separate apps for iOS and android.

Why is React Native Preferred by Developers?

React Native is an open-source UI software kit created by Meta. A 2022 survey says that React Native is the third most popular framework used by mobile app developers. Up to 5.3% of mobile apps have been created using React Native

Since it supports programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python, building native apps with it using a single-codebase becomes easier. Over the years, React Native has evolved and been widely accepted into the corporate world, especially after it underwent 3 significant changes.

It has been integrated with a new thread model, fresh async rendering capabilities, and a new fater bridge. Industry titans like Bloomberg, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and more have used React Native for building mobile apps.

As per React Native web developers, the technology is gaining pace after three new integrations. However, it is vital to understand the conditions where investing in React Native app idea is worthy or not. Find more details ahead. 

When You Should Invest in React Native App Development?

I will give three reasons why a business must invest in React Native app development. 

App Has Low/Medium Complexity

React Native app development benefits the business when the app has a low to medium level complexity. It is also beneficial when reusable components need to be integrated frequently rather than setting up the app framework from the scratch.

Budgetary Constraints

React Native mobile app development emanates to be the best solution when a business has budgetary constraints. Since an app can be developed using a single-codebase using React Native, the development time is reduced to a greater extent. 

Building From The Scratch

Many businesses prefer cross-platform apps over native. In such cases, React Native becomes the savior, for software developers, as an app can be developed with a single-codebase.

With that being said, these reasons advocate the React Native supremacy. By turning to React Native app development, a business can enjoy added advantages that aren’t possible with native apps. 

Hence, it is a prominent reason for many industry titans for using React Native apps for spinning more revenue through mobile apps. Next, you’ll read the top benefits of using React Native mobile app development.

Top Benefits of React Native App Development

Here is a list of reasons to choose React Native over native app development.  

Single Codebase for iOS and Android

Be it a startup or an established organization, all are inclined towards React Native mobile app development. Since it uses a single-codebase, software developers do not require creating separate apps for operating systems.

Uses React JS Programming Model

React Native, at its core, is a JavaScript framework that shares the programming model with React JS. The biggest advantage of using React Native for app development is the integration of the code for creating an app that is compatible with multiple platforms.

Simplified External Integrations

The inclusion of third-party integrations in React Native apps has become simplified. This is all because of extensive community support. Owing to the availability of various source codes, developers can easily figure out solutions to problems.

Synonymous With Intuitive UI

React Native, being a JavaScript framework, is more mobile-centric. The overall UI of mobile apps created using React Native is responsive to different screen sizes. It has become possible due to the asynchronous JavaScript connections that simplify the UI development process. 


Owing to the costs soaring high, businesses and startups are using React Native for mobile app development. Using this framework, it becomes easier to build a cross-platform app. Since the app is developed in a shorter timeframe, the cost of the app development remains nominal.

Reusable Native Components

The reusable native components in React Native, allow software developers, to build an app with reliable aesthetics and functionalities. With a web-based approach, developers can easily build cross-platform apps without amending the codebase.

The Future of React Native

React Native has been the choice of various industry titans like Walmart, Instagram, Airbnb, Bloomberg, etc. There’s no need for further elaboration because you’ve read the major benefits that a business gets by turning to React Native mobile app development.

It is an amazing choice for businesses, especially startups because developing a React Native app demands less time & investment. Since startups have limited time and resources, React Native serves as the best option.

Furthermore, this framework is easy to code & growing speedily among developers. All in all, React Native has a bright future ahead in the digital world.

Guest post by Prateek Sharma