Why you should update your Google Chrome right now

Google just released a new version of Chrome browser, and you should updated as soon as possible.

The patch was developed to fix a major zero-day security flaw that could potentially pose a risk to your device.

The latest update is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. So update your browser.

The vulnerability, now known as CVE-2022-3075, was discovered by an unknown security researcher and reported to Google.

This happened by sub-par data validation in Mojo, which is a collection of runtime libraries.

The Vulnerability was assigned a high priority level, which means that it must dangerous if abused so it's better to update ASAP.

This is an active vulnerability, and once they spot, it could be taken benefit of on devices that haven’t downloaded the latest patch.

Patch will be included in upcoming version 105.0.5195.102 of Google Chrome. 

It might take a few days or weeks until the all user base receives auto access to the new fix.