Easy to Learn

Vue.js is easy to learn as compared to other competing JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, etc.

Small Size of App

Vue.js apps are lightweight, so they get rendered fast on the client machine. VueJS apps, when done right, can produce amazing user experiences.

Virtual DOM rendering and performance

A DOM is a representation of HTML pages with their styles, elements, and page content as objects. 

Two Way Binding

Vue supports a two-way binding feature just like Angular.js, it helps a lot while getting or setting values for Form Elements.

Community Support

Community members are pretty active both in the Discord chat and forum as well as on stackoverflow.

No Deployment dependencies

After the Vue.js app is built it contains index.html, CSS, js, image, fonts, etc. these files can be deployed on any environments such as Linux or windows.

No Machine Dependencies

Vue.js does not require any specific IDE to run like Visual Studio, Android Studio, or any High-End device to run.

Easy Debugging Tools

Vue.js supports live debugging from the browser, also Vue supports Hot Reload where you can see the changes on the browser.

Large Collection of Plugins

Vue is a JavaScript framework so that you can use JavaScript Plugins/Libraries that we need while developing  applications.

Reusability of components

Vue uses Component-Based Architecture which means that once a component is created, you can use that component anywhere for ‘n’ number of times.