What Is Rust?

Rust is a programming language developed by Mozilla. Compared to many other languages Rust is quite young, but on the surface seems much like older languages like C or C++.

Rust Is Special

Rust combines the speed and control of a lower level language with the tools, safety, and debugging provided from a high-level language.

Cargo Does Everything

Rust uses a package manager called Cargo.  Much like NPM in JavaScript or Ruby Gems, Cargo gathers and compiles everything you need for your project.

Rust Is Fast

One of Rust's major draws is its speed. Its cleverly constructed memory management rules mean it requires no garbage collection.

Rust Is for Web Development

The speed and safety Rust bring to hardware also exists on the web. WebAssembly is both a language and a portable executable for running code online.

Developers Love Rust

Everyone including web developers, music makers, game developers, and embedded hardware programmers are talking about how it is perfect for their discipline.

Rust Will Make You a Better Programmer

Rust requires you to program well but doesn't expect you to know everything before starting.

Amazing compiler

When something doesn't work in a program, the compiler will not only tell you what is wrong but suggest fixes to the code.