Real-Time Application

NodeJS is best suited for these kinds of applications. The synchronization process with NodeJS is fast

Low Learning Curve

Javascript the same language can be shared on both client-side and server-side. So you need to learn only one language.

Performance and Scalability

Lightweight Javascript achieves high performance with fewer lines of code

NPM Support With Rich Modules

Till now it has more than 60K modules and it’s still growing every day.

Useful Single Codebase

Using Node It’s easy to send and synchronize the data between server-side and client-side coding.

Data Streaming

It takes less time compared to other data processing methods for processing data. Node.js streams help simplify the I/O tasks tremendously.

Well Suited For Building Microservices

As we have discussed that NodeJS is highly scalable and lightweight that’s why its heavy favorite for microservice architectures.

Strong Corporate Support

In 2015 a number of companies including IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Fidelity, SAP organized a NodeJS Foundation.