It’s the most popular programming language

According to, JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers today.

It’s in your browser

JavaScript is, without question, the default language of the internet. You need to look no further than your browser for proof since JavaScript was most likely used to develop it.

JavaScript also exists outside of the internet

It powers smart televisions, works with the internet of things (IoT), creates native apps for iOS and Android, and builds cross-platform desktop apps, to name a few.

JavaScript is Ideal for Newbies 

Newcomers can just jump in and start coding. It’s one of the most accessible entries into coding available, a value-add for beginners.

JavaScript is Easy to Learn

Unlike the higher-level languages, JavaScript has more of a natural language feel to it.

Aesthetic Features

You Can Create Visual Effects and Other Eye-catching Aesthetic Features

JavaScript is Versatile

JavaScript empowers a programmer to handle any aspect of app design. You can use for front-end as well as back-end.

JavaScript also Affects Big Data and the Cloud

More developers are turning to Node.js to build cloud-based apps, a very much in-demand market.

It’s a Valuable Tool for Game Designers

Games are a big business today, and developers who know JavaScript have that extra advantage.

Career Potential is Skyrocketing

If you’re looking to become a programmer who can always be assured of a stable career and get well compensated for it, then you want to learn JavaScript.