Beginner Friendly and Competitive Edge

The best part while you learn Java is its beginner-friendly nature. The syntax of Java matches a lot with its predecessors, C, C++, etc.

Updated features

Java is going through an unthinkable evolution that brought up many remarkable changes and add-ons to the programming language.

Code Portability and Versatility

Java follows a fundamental principle that worked well for Java to date. The "Write Once, and Run Anywhere" principle.

Open-source Library Support

Java is commercialized. But most of the java features are still open-source and can also be used for building beginner level and small-scale projects.

Java Enterprise Edition and API

Java's Enterprise Edition adds up the advanced features and sophisticated specifications to Java, in collaboration with Java Standard Edition.

Rich Community Support

There are numerous communities and groups on the internet and social media, respectively.

Wide Range of Development Tools

Java is the current IT industry leader, and the most sought programming language for developing a wide range of software and applications.

Enormous Applications Dependent on Java

Java is a powerful language, the reason which most of the applications, regardless of which sector it is, are built using Java. Java is everywhere.

High Demand

Java Developers are one of the high paid developers out here in the IT industry, and this is because of the widespread dependency on the Java Programming language.

Dominant Against Allies

According to a recent survey, the Java programming language is in the top three positions by leading against its allies.