Easy to Learn

Since the syntax of Golang is somewhat similar to the C-language, it is easy to pick up, especially for C-style or Java programmers.


Golang has a concept of goroutines, which is a lightweight thread managed by Go runtime. It has growable segmented stacks, which means it will use more memory only when needed.


Go can have high-quality parsing libraries that are easy to plug into other libraries. It can be uses to writing TCP or HTTP servers at the production level.

Standard Library

Go has an amazing standard library that provides a huge range of convenient and easy-to-use built-in functions and packages for working with primitive types.


Everything in Go is divided into packages only, it has only structs instead of classes.


Because Go is open-sourced, there is a huge quantity as well as a variety of development tools that are already present and serve the purpose.

Speedy Execution

Go is a statically compiled language, which makes it’s execution close enough with the lower-level languages, thus making it very fast/