Automatic Doc

It generate API doc automatically when you make api. Allowing you to focus more on your code rather than setting up tools.

Typed Python

This is a BIG one. FastAPI makes use of Python 3.6 type declarations (thanks to Pydantic), this means that it uses a Python feature that allows you to specify the type of a variable


Validation is already integrated into this framework thanks to Pydantic. You can validate standard Python types as well as some custom field validations.

Security and Authentication

library provides support for the followings: – HTTP Basic – OAuth2 (JWT tokens) – API keys in headers, query params, or cookies.


The documentation of the project is simply amazing. It’s very clear and covers the topics with examples and explanations.


FastAPI is fast! , it is much faster than the flask because it’s built over ASGI instead of WSGI

Asynchronous by nature

FastAPI supports asynchronous endpoints by default, which can simplify and make your code more efficient.

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