Why so many programmers are single?

They're always working  Even on weekends and holidays, programmers are usually working on some project or another. So no time for dating.

They're introverts A lot of programmers are introverts who prefer working with computers to interacting with people.

They're socially awkward Many programmers are awkward in social situations, which can make dating difficult. reason why I'm single :]

They're nerds Let's face it, nerds aren't always the most popular people in school. And programmers are often self-proclaimed nerds.

They're not into fashion Most programmers couldn't care less about fashion. They're more interested in function over form.

They're not into sports Again, programmers are often more interested in function over form. They're not likely to be found at a sporting event.

They're just not that into you Sorry, but it's true. Programmers are often more interested in their computers than they are in people.

However, there are also many programmers who are in happy and healthy relationships. The key is to find someone who understands and respects your work.