Why Programmers Love Macbooks?

🍏Security & quality

Mac are supposed to be more secure against malware, infections, and different kinds of malignant assaults.

🍏Unix command line

For the last 15 years, macOS has been built on top of Unix, which is the command-line that powers a huge part of the world's filesystems and servers.

🍏Development Environment

MacOS has a native UNIX environment, which is utilized by a greater part of web servers. And it’s an obviously better idea to code on a machine that runs on the same environment.


Mac has supports number of amazing tools like text editors, browsers, photo and video editors and various dev tools.

🍏Cross-platform compatibility

You can easily run all the main OS, which is a big plus for people that learn coding. It’s not a big effort to create and test software for Linux and Windows on macOS.

🍏Hardware Quality

Performance of mac is really amazing. Programmers are probably going to say that the Apple's power contact trackpad is an extravagance they could never leave.

🍏Old machines vs new operating systems

You can cheerfully run Apple PCs on the most recent renditions of macOS, yet that is much harder thing to do on Windows.

🍏Great Support

Apple gives the entire arrangement, so they are somewhat committed to offer help too.