WhatsApp Will Stop Working On These iPhones Soon

WhatsApp recently announced that they will stop supporting iOS 11 or older.

App developer stopping support for older version of OS and it's a part of the development process that slowly make away from older version.

So ya that's means WhatsApp will not run if do not have iOS 12 or newer version of iOS.

If you have iPhone 5S or newer then install iOS 12 and continue using WhatsApp or maybe it's time for new device maybe android?

Ok why stopping? Well it's become hard to maintain codebase for older device. 

And also new SDKs are used for app development and it become cumbersome to write code for older versions.

Another reason is security for older version. App developer will have to manage different versions of the same app.

And yes, new OS comes with the new features so new version of app also be improved with that.

iPhone 5S and newer models up to XR support iOS 12. FYI, iOS 16 is in beta now, so clearly, iOS 11 is outdated at this point.

So if you own older version of iOS then it's better to upgrade. You can either upgrade to new iPhone or maybe time to android this time.

WhatsApp working on new features like communities feature, hiding status from specific people, message deletion time  and maybe more.