Underrated social network for developers


What is awwsome.dev?

It's a social network for developers like other social networks but here you can only post text-based content. No images, only you and your words

why? why this platform?

sometimes developers want to tell something but they feel it's not good to share on social media like insta, fb etc. but on awwsome.dev you can share anything, literally anything like your frustration, your job life, your anxiety anything yes.

This is the login page of awwsome.dev you can see why this platform

Only you and your words

There is no fancy CSS, no popups, not even notification to disturb you, just log in and write your thoughts and other developers will help you and you can make friends look at the feed page, how simple is this

if you feel you are alone, sad, or frustrated you share it on awwsome.dev If you don't have anyone to listen to you, you can share here no one will call you cringe or weird no one will judge you :)

Share your thoughts and make your self a happy developer say hi to awwsome.dev 👇