Top 5  Tools for Web Developers 

Bootstrap cheatsheet

The best cheat sheet for Bootstrap 5 classes, variable, and mixins. It also helps you to find the difference between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 so you can easily migrate.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags is a tool to debug and generate meta tag codes for any website. With Meta Tags you can edit and experiment with your content then preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more! is a web service designed to help you create .gitignore files for your Git repositories. The site has a graphical and command-line method of creating a .gitignore for your operating system, programming language, or IDE.


Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.


If you create a website on a local server and show off your work results to someone, you can use Ngrok. This tool allows you to “bring to the world” your local application.