1. Animista

Animista is a great tool for creating custom CSS animations with various effects. Customize any animation in their collection, including a background, exit, text, etc

2. Responsinator

Responsinator is easy to use and free. The tool shows you the most popular screen sizes and shapes for your webpage when you enter the URL of your page.

3. ExtractCSS

By using this tool, you can extract elements’ id, class, and inline styles from an HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheets.

4. Meta Tags

The Meta Tag is a tool for debugging and generating meta tags for any website. Best for doing SEO.

5. WhatRuns

With this tool, you can check out other sites’ themes, plugins, and server information. WhatRuns is compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

6. Grabient

For creating linear gradients for your website, Grabient offers an easy-to-use UI. Choose your color and adjust the angles as necessary.

7. Unminify

It is a Free tool to unminify (unpack, deobfuscate) JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, and JSON code, making it readable and pretty.

8. Google DevTools Device Mode

For developers, Google DevTools Device Mode provides an easy way to simulate mobile devices within the Chrome browser.

9. Browserhacks

Browserhacks contains a collection of browser-specific CSS and JavaScript hacks to help you resolve weird and complex issues on your website.

10. Browser Stack

Browser Stack is one of the top testing tools on the market, offering a full range of feature set.