Django remains in the top ten for the most loved web frameworks. Let's see which companies/products uses Django


This website allows you to implement comments and discussion options on your site.


Instagram is the fastest-growing photo and video sharing app which is quite popular in the world.


This music streaming app changed the way people listen to, share and purchase music.


Bitbucket is a cloud-based Git repository hosting service that was launched in 2008. 


Mozilla is the second most popular browser in the world so there is no need to say how many people use it.


This “video-sharing platform” needs no introduction. Earlier the site was built on Php


online course provider aimed at professional adults and students. 


Pinterest is another social media platform like Instagram.

Django Blog App Tutorial for Free

Tutorial covers, – Installation and setup – Designing blog Shema – Post list, single post, pagination – Integrating CKEditor in Django Admin – Featured Image – Threaded Comment – Tagging – Retrieving Posts by Similarity – Search functionality – Sitemap