– Concentrate on your Code for a Specific amount of Time (Be attentive) – Stay Hydrated – Say “Yes” if someone asks for help and Say “No” to boredom

– Don’t forget you have a LinkedIn profile use it rather than Instagram – Your 5-minute breaks can turn into 60-minute breaks hence keep a watch on time or set some timer in your phone

– Say “Yes” to new and challenging project – Keep learning new concepts (What we know is a drop and there is an ocean out there with new possibilities)

– Never get stressed out (Take appropriate breaks) – Boss is always right but if you genuinely think somethings wrong then professionally discuss the issue

– Don’t forget programming is an art and not magic (the more you practice the more you will gain expertise) – Think about certifications to apply in 2022 to supplement your journey

– Set realistic goals which you can achieve or get near to it (Goal to have 200 billion dollar net worth is impossible in one year, that means 550 million a day. Stay realistic achieve realistically)

– Don’t forget why you started programming – Share your opinions on platforms like LinkedIn if you are experienced, your content can help newbie

– Get exposure to Technologies rather than ignoring them – Grow your professional connection – Consistency is the key – Get your tasks done and don’t delay them

– Use coffee as your friend when you feel tired – Eat healthy food, stay healthy – Maintain a minimum 60 cm distance from your screen

– Use Table and Chair rather than your bed (okay, sometimes its good to stay relaxed and code on your bed but don’t get a habit) – Use glasses if your eyes are weak (nobody is here to judge you)

– Make appropriate notes while learning new thing – Don’t forget to interact when you need help – It’s okay to do mistakes we are humans not robot