Powerful Productivity Hacks For Programmer

Minimise Distraction

Find a quiet place to do work or learn something. Because your mind gets to focus on that thing only.

Make Plan

First, prepare a plan before starting any project or work. Split the task and allocate the time to every task according to you.

Start with the hardest task

Hard task need more time and focus. So it's good to go with hardest task first.

Master Your Tools

You should have a grasp of the tools that you are using for your work. Like, code editor, browser, terminal, and yes on your tech stack too.

Know Your Most Productive Hours

Every person has some hours in the day. That’s why some people feels more logical and creative at morning and some of people same thing at late night.

Close unnecessary software and tabs

Close unnecessary software because it’s sometimes annoying while you switching the browser to the code editor and vice-versa.

Don’t do multiple task

Play with one task at a time. Reduce your multi-task habit.