How To Become The Best Developer

1. Learn Concept Don’t try to remember syntax. It’s impossible to remember everything. Instead, learn concepts.

2. Use Comments & Write Clean Code Remember This Quote: "Code that’s hard to understand, is hard to maintain. Code that’s hard to maintain, is useless"

3. Build Good Principle Similar to Writing Clean Code, building good principles is what can save you from a ton of unnecessary work.

4. If There’s A Bug The User Will Find It I’ll keep this one quick and simple. Test Everything. Debug Everything

5. Finish Projects. Don’t Start New Ones. Every programmer has done this at least once. Starting a new project, mid other project is our specialty.

6. Follow A Structure If you’re a beginner, it’s going to be hard to do this. It’s ok, you’ll learn with time. But follow a structure it will save your time.