How much Python should you know before learning Django?

Basic – Variable – Data type – Conditional statement – For-loop

Iterable An iterable is an object that can be "iterated over", such as in a for-loop.

Dictionaries Dictionaries are commonly used in Python to store key-value pairs of data.

Function Functions are one of the most important concepts in programming. Not only in Python, but in all programming languages.

Decorator In my experience, decorators are not used that often. But they can be very useful in solving certain problems in your code.

Classes This is where the real learning begins. Classes are crucial to understand before working with Django

Overriding method When inheriting from a class, you can override existing logic on that class. This is something you will do countlessly when working with classes provided by Django.

The super() function The super() function is very important to understand when working with classes.

Package When working with Django you will typically import a lot of functions and classes from Django's modules.