Features of C++ programming language

The main reason to use C++ is object-oriented programming. It follows concept of oops like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction. This makes development and maintenance easier. 

C++ gives an organized methodology wherein you can break the issue into parts and plan the arrangement separately. 

C++ is a platform-dependent language. Having said that, C++ projects can be executed in many machines with tad or no change.

C++ upholds dynamic memory allotment. You can free the assigned memory whenever. Not just this C++ additionally gives dynamic memory the executives methods.

C++ can do both low-level and high-level programming. This is the motivation behind why C++ is known as a mid-level programming language.

At the point when we discuss low-level programming, C++ is used to develop system applications such as the kernel, driver, etc.

C++ is a fast language as compilation and execution time is less. Also, it has a wide variety of data types, functions and operators.