Everyday Activities to Become a Better Developer 😇

Coding challenge

Doing coding or algorithm challenge like a playing game. No matter what’s your level, it always improves your logic. Try to solve at least 1 problem every day. 


Start your own project

As a programmer, we can build whatever the f*#k we want right. Then just your own project now. A Good project idea leads you to become an entrepreneur. If this is your first time starting a project then it may take time to make a successful product.


Participate in Open Source Projects

We all love open source projects right. So just take time and find some relevant open source project for you and contribute to it. Help them to find issues, solve issues, build new features and etc.


Create package(s)

The package helps other programmers to do code fast. So, build packages in JavaScript, Python, Flutter, etc. and it is nice if your package used by other developers.


Share Your Knowledge

Share your knowledge, share your codes with explanation.  You can share whatever you learn on platform like dev.to, hashnode, devdojo or you can start your own blog or YouTube channel.


Do some non-tech activity

Pick at least one non-tech activity and do it. It make you happy and productive. Sometime non-tech activity helps in your work.