Live Server

This is one of my favorite extensions. Live Server launches a local development server with a live reload feature both for static and dynamic pages.


Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. It enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

The clue's in the title, but Bracket Pair Colorizer gives the opening and closing brackets matching colors, making it much easier to know which brackets belong together.

Auto Rename Tag

While VSCode inherently highlights matching tags and immediately adds closing tags whenever you type an opening tag, Auto Rename Tag automatically renames tags that you change.


Sticking with colors, Colorize instantly visualizes CSS colors in your CSS/SASS/Less/... files. This makes it very easy to see at a glance which colors you’re using where.

Thunder Client

Thunder Client is a lightweight Rest API Client Extension for Visual Studio Code. You can test APIs inside VS code.

Regex Previewer

Regular expressions can be quite the puzzle to get right. Regex Previewer gives you a side document that matches your regex.

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