Basic Coding Skill

→HTML →CSS →Sa →JavaScript/TypeScript →DOM Manipulation


CSS Framework →Bootstrap →Tailwind CSS →Foundation JavaScript Framework →Angular →Vue →React →ether

Designing Skills

→Canva →Figma →Basic Photoshop →Color Selection

Responsive Web Design

→ Well-versed with media queries →Flexbox and Grid should be your heartiest Friends

Time management

→Maintain a To-do Task list →Use Pomodoro Clock →Use MS Excel to plan your interest

Using Web Tools

→Use tools to Improve CSS and JavaScript →Use Code Generator →Tools to Configure Design →Using Code Optimization Tool →Code Validator →Use SEO tool


→Performance Testing → End-to-end Testing →Cross-Platform Testing

Soft Skills

→Listen Before saying →Good Speaking skill →One Common Language(eg. English) →Confidence in body language