1. Movie Recommender

You can build a console-based or GUI base program that find the movies related to the tags with IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

2. Rock Paper Scissors

You can build that game in console version using Python. To get started on this project, you should have a beginner-level understanding of loops and conditional statements.

3. Bulk Email Sender

To get started building the bulk email sender program, you need smtplib and knowledge of Python basics including loops and conditional statements.

4. YouTube Downloader

– PyTube – Youtube DL Above two libraries are useful to download YouTube videos.

5. Music Player

Python basics like loops and conditional statements and also data structures. Next, you need to find some suitable audio libraries. Below, I mention some. – pyaudio – pygame

6. AI Assistant

You need to have basic knowledge of OS and SYS modules in Python. Then you have to use speech and voice recognition libraries like Pyttxs3 and Pyaudio.

7. Calculator App (GUI)

You can use Python GUI modules like Pyqt5, Tkinter, and Wxpython. Next, you need to have a basic grip on loops, data structure, and conditional statements.

8. Instagram Photo Downloader

Learn Python and little knowledge of HTML to grab some HTML tags using BeautifulSoup and Request modules in Python and Urllib to download the content from the URL