7 Useful React Libraries

1. react-burger-menu

This off-canvas sidebar React component uses SVG path animations and CSS transitions to create a variety of effects and styles.

2. pigeon-maps

The performance of a Map in your apps can sometimes not meet your expectations. This library will help you in this scenario.

3. qrcode.react

If you have to Generate a QR Code then this is a good resource for you. As you have guessed this library will help you to generate QR codes for rendering to the DOM.

4. react-spring

This animation library, which is based on spring physics, should meet the majority of your UI animation need.

5. react-device-detect

As you have guessed by the name this library will help you to detect devices and render views according to the detected device type.

6. react-colorful

If you want to create a color picker then this is a good resource for you. This is a tiny (2,8 KB) color picker component for React.

7. react-markdown

This library is a React component that can be given a string of markdowns that it’ll safely render to React elements.