7 Unique Features of Django that Makes it Better Framework

1. Excellent Documentation This is one of the main reasons to start learning Django. If we compare Django with other open source technologies, it offers the best documentation in the market.

2. SEO Optimised This is a special feature of Django due to which it has edge over others. 

3. High Scalability A lot of MNCs on a worldwide scale uses Django and it gets implement there without any defects or errors. It is the best example of Django being scalable.

4. Versatile in Nature Django is very versatile in its own Django way. The logical project structure and MVT architecture of Django sometimes seem very limiting.

5. Offers High Security Django is super secure. To prove the feature, you can always take examples of lots of websites which are worldwide and posses huge traffic.

6. Thoroughly Tested Django a crowd-tested technology. If it was not stable or task accomplishing why would it gain popularity and still be in the market.

7. Provides Rapid Development Encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. it takes care of much of the hassle of web development.