7 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop as a Programmer

1. Display

Anti-reflective screen is good and must have HDMI support for extra screen

2. Processor

According to your need choose your the processor, Intel Core i3, i5 or the AMD Ryzen 3 good option for mid-range laptops.

3. RAM

Consider laptop have extra RAM slot. Today's minimum recommended RAM is 8GB.

4. Storage

SSD+HDD combination is must, at least 256GB SSD enough for running "Hello World" 🤡

5. OS

OS is depend on what type of programming you're doing. Mostly programmer use MacOS but macbooks are costly. I prefer Linux Mint and Linux is good OS for programmers.

6. Keyboard

Keyboard layouts will vary between users. Coders get used to it but you can also prefer external keyboard for better experience.

7. Battery Life

Battery life depend on your what you're running. You can use power bank  to charge it while you're on the road.