1. Pokemon API

This is an API that makes accessible all the Pokemon data in one place. You can send a request with a Pokemon name, and it’ll send back a JSON response with all their information.

2. Agify API

How do you tell the age of someone from their name? Well, here is a fun little API that you can use. Agify is used for predicting the age of a person given their name.

3. Bored API

This is something you could add to your personal website, for instance. The Bored API ensures that a user is never bored.

4. Chuck Norris API

This is a free JSON API for hand-curated Chuck Norris facts. It also has Slack and Facebook messenger integration!

5. Numbers API

An API for interesting facts about numbers. It provides trivia, math, date, and year facts about numbers.

6. Dog API

You fetch random dog images, get a list of all breeds, fetch random photos of a particular species, see all sub-breeds of a species, and even submit pictures of your own dog!

7. Marvel API

The Marvel Comics API allows developers everywhere to access information about Marvel’s vast library of comics — from what’s coming up to 70 years ago.