7 Best Tailwind Component Libraries

Tailwind Templates

This is a library that contains a wide variety of free and paid templates. It was created by the company that is also behind other famous packages and libraries such as Lineicons and UIDeck.

Daisy UI

This is one of the most popular tailwind libraries out there. Comes with 49 different components for you to choose from. It is also completely free. You can create your own theme also modified with tailwind using tailwind directives and class.

Hyper UI

Here you get a wide variety of pre-made components that are divided into three different categories: marketing, e-commerce, and applications.  It is completely free.


Flowbite comes with more than 450 UI components, sections, and pages built with Tailwind. They have something called blocks that are over 250 pre-made sections for all types of applications. 


This kit comes with more than 500 free and premium components, blocks, sections, and templates.

Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI which is the official component library created by the Tailwind team. This library comes with more than 500 premium components crafted by the experts at Tailwind.