10 Best Front-End JavaScript Framework

1. AngularJS

– AngularJS is easy to use and learn. – AngularJS provides a wide range of features that make it a good choice for web development. – In addition, AngularJS is open source and free to use.

2. ReactJS

– React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. – It is component based and easy to learn

3. VueJS

– VueJS is very simple to use and understand for everyone – VueJS has excellent  and beginner friendly documentation

4. Ember.js

– Includes features such as automatic two-way data binding, templates, and a routing system. – It has amazing tools that help developers get their app up and running fast

5. Preact

– Preact is a complete framework for web development. – PreactJS is a lightweight library so it's fast and efficient.

6. Svelte

– Svelte uses a virtual DOM to keep track of changes in your app. – Svelte is easy to use and easy to learn. – Components are self-contained and can be easily reused in other projects.

7. Inferno

– InfernoJS is a fast library that can render up to 60 frames per second. – It uses a virtual DOM that makes it easy to keep track of changes and update the UI – InfernoJS is easy to use, and it has a simple API.