6 tips to improve your logic in coding

1. Pen & Paper

Work out the solution by using the old way of pen & paper. Trust me. There isn’t better than that.

2. Coding a lot

Coding a lot, there is no good or bad code. Why? Because while you keep learning, you discover that your old code isn’t good, so you write a better one, and so on

3. Code review by other developers

This is very known with the agile methodology. But even if your team isn’t using this methodology, having someone to read your code will give you things you’ll never get by yourself.

4. Learn new things

Learning will enlarge your vision, and this is really important. Having in mind new techniques, new technologies, and how a solution is implemented will inspire you and give you ideas to solve problems efficiently and smartly.

5. Consistency rather than motivation

Coding once will not improve your skills. Working out your mascle will not make them bigger and stronger. Only when you are consistent, do you build things.

6. Face Problem headon

It’s good to start with easy tasks to gain self-confidence. But staying in your comfort zone will make you an ordinary developer and not unique.