5 reasons why you should think of flutter in 2022                 👉

Hot Reload ensures faster development and testing

The Hot Reload feature will enable developers to make changes in the running app without needing to refresh and reload an app.

Expressive UI development

Flutter comes with advanced UI building features allowing to create aesthetically beautiful apps with expressive controls over every single pixel and UI element visible on the screen

Top-notch performance

Flutter is exceptionally lightweight, and its programming language can easily communicate with a different range of native components.

The power of Dart

Offering a lot of similarities with C++, Dart can be very effective for high-performance and low-footprint apps.

Ease of learning 

Flutter have great documentation and it is easy to learn. 

Flutter is an MVP-ready framework. 

A Minimum viable product or MVP appearing with basic features can be developed further with more changes and value addition

Out-of-the-box Testing Support

A quality testing framework within Flutter allows smooth UI, unit, load, and integration tests.