1. You don’t need a super computer to start coding 2. Googling is the most important skill 3. A Math Nerd is not required 4. Version Control is a must

5. Done is Better than perfect 6. Work Hard, but Smartly 7. Tools unlock your productivity 8. One Completed Project >> 100 Incomplete One

9. Where you end up in 5 years is determined by what you do NOW 10. Self-taught Programmers have the best debugging skill 11. You don’t need the right answer, just a less wrong one

12. It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint 13. Don’t reinvent the Wheel 14. Tutorials fail to teach you the most important skill 15. No Technology is perfect

16. A project is never complete 17. The hype train is real, but take it with a grain of salt 18. Learn what NOT to learn 19. Humility is your superpower

20. Consistency: Secret sauce to achieve outstanding outputs with average input 21. Open Source can help you level up 22. The More you learn, the more you Earn

24. Online Presence is crucial23. Soft Skills pay the bill 24. Online Presence is crucial 25. Know all, master one