16 Libraries You Should Know as a React Developer

1. react-hook-form

React Hooks for form state management and validation.

2. recharts

Redefined chart library built with React and D3.

3. react-big-calendar

An events calendar built for React and modern browsers.

4. react-beautiful-dnd

Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.

5. react-table

A library for building powerful tables and data grids.

6. react-joyride

Create guided tours for your apps.

7. react-advanced-cropper

Create customized crops for your designs.

8. react-colorful

A tiny, dependency-free, fast and accessible color picker component.

9. react-spring

Spring-physics based animation library for React applications.

10. react-tsparticles

Easily create highly customizable particles animations.

11. react-popper

Position tooltips and popovers in an elegant, performant manner.

12. react-pdf-viewer

A PDF viewer made for React.

13. react-i18next

Internationalization for React done right.

14. react-icons

SVG react icons of popular icon packs.

15. audio-player

Music player with custom controls, playlist, filters, and search.

16. image-slider

Image slider component for your pictures.